How to install and setup IPTV on the Smart STB App?[2022]

how to setup iptv smart stb

Smart STB is an Android app that can be installed on Samsung and LG Smart TVs. This application enables you to have IPTV services on your Portal, like a MAG setup box, with all the features that MAG and Stalker Portal can expect.

If you want to know everything there is to know about a smart set-top box, whether it’s how it works or how to install it yourself, this article will cover everything you need to know. Installing and setting up a smart set-top box is very easy once you understand all the steps.

What is Smart STB?

Think of Smart STB as an application that unlocks the full potential of your Smart TV, with more options and flexibility and no hassle, and can be installed on Samsung, LG, Philips, and many other Smart TVs. The application enables you to have IPTV services on your portal, just like the MAG setup box, with all the features that can be expected from MAG and Stalker Portal.

The app integrates seamlessly with web-enabled Smart TVs, letting you watch everything you’ve ever watched and more.

Smart set-top box features

  • Category Live TV List
  • Categorized on-demand listings
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) support
  • Program icons (Icons)
  • Fast channel buffering

What platforms is Smart STB available for?

This application is available for many devices in different stores such as Google Play, Amazon online store, Samsung Tizen, Samsung, etc. You can see all stores in the image.


For Smart TVs

The app is available on Samsung TVs (Orsay and Tizen OS, made after 2013), LG TVs (Netcast 3.0 and higher, any WebOS version), various TVs running Android TV (version 9 or higher), Fire TV (including versions like Firestick 2017 or newer), Opera (TV OS), VEWD, STA, etc. Most TVs are made by Sony, Philips, TLC, Toshiba, HiSense, Panasonic (coming soon with Android, MyHome support), and many others.

For FireTV and Chromecast

If using a Firestick, Chromecast, Firecube, or another similar portable device without a cable/LAN connection, use a high-quality 5GHz AC WiFi router or better yet, connect to a fast wired, broadband, or fiber-optic connection close to the device.

We recommend that you use streaming media for portable devices for the best stability of your streaming service.

For handheld devices (smartphones, tablets)

This application is available for many smartphones and tablets running Android 9 or higher.

Please use a high-quality 5GHz AC WiFi router or better and have a stable wired internet connection near your device, or use a stable 4G connection to a mobile tower.

We recommend that you use streaming media for mobile devices for optimal streaming service stability.

How to install Smart STB on Smart TV?

Today I will show you how to set up the Smart STB app on your Smart TV.

  1. Go to the app store of your Samsung or LG or Android Smart TV.
  2. Type “Smart STB” in the search box
  3. Click the Install button and wait for a moment to install the app.

The application is also very easy to install on other devices, please search for Smart STB in the app store of your smartphone, tablet, Firestick, etc. to download and install.

Once you have installed it, you can learn to configure your IPTV subscription on Smart STB.

How to activate my Smart STB subscription?

At the beginning of the first installation, SMART STB offers a free 7-day trial period.

Then the customer must pay 27€ to activate it permanently.

The activation of SMART STB will be managed in the Application Developer Portal.

Note: The Smart STB application does not provide or contain any streams, portals, providers, m3u lists, or login names (username/password). You need to get an IPTV subscription to stream all the great IPTV channels and content via Smart STB.

To activate the free trial period

1- Open Smart STB and when you see “Loading Portal”, press the Enter/Select button on the remote control (the middle button of the directional control (left, right, up, and down)).


2- Go to System Settings.


3- Go to Device Information and write down your “Software ID” and “Your Virtual MAC Address”.


4- Now click on the following link to access the Smart STB website setup portal URL.
You will see this screen.


5- Use your TV remote to enter the code marked in red in the Smart STB application, as follows.


6- Return to the Smart STB website and enter your virtual MAC address and the Portal URL we sent you, as follows.
After entering the activation code, the Software ID should appear automatically. If it is not automatically detected, please enter it manually.


7- Press Continue and complete your free trial order. The application is free for 7 days.
Enter all the necessary details required for registration and you should see the trial version in your shopping cart as follows.


8- After successful registration, you should see this screen in your browser.
(example device, the information above is for demonstration purposes only, please do not enter it on the application or website).


Activate the paid license

Considering that the Software MAC address and account registration at the Smart-STB side are already completed, upgrading to a paid License is very simple and easy.

Step 1: Log in to the smart-STB website and go to “MY LICENSE”.
The clock is “Active”.
Step 2: Click “Upgrade”.
Step 3: These are the following monthly and yearly paid licenses you can subscribe to.

For example, if you subscribe to a lifetime subscription, the subscription status on the device information page will change to Paid and expire as Never, since it is a lifetime subscription.

How to install and configure my IPTV subscription on Smart STB?

Now that the application is active, we need to enter the IPTV source for the provider of your choice. Now that the application is active, we need to enter the IPTV source for the provider of your choice. the IPTV provider connects your virtual MAC address and provides you with a tracker portal URL. after receiving the portal URL, you can add the portal address by

Adding the portal URL

1- Just like the first time we did it above at the beginning of this tutorial, right after the Loading Portal sign shows up, press enter. Then go to Smart STB Settings.

2- Now select Portal, as we need to enter the portal URL. You can request the MAG portal from your IPTV provider.


3- For Name 1, type in the desired main portal name and enter the URL provided by your subscribed IPTV provider in URL 1. When you are done, press the Save button on the remote control.

4- To return to the previous page, you must select Restart Portal.

smart stb settings portals 10

Next time you start the app, the IPTV portal should load with bouquets and details of the IPTV service ready to be used.


What is Smart STB?

Smart-STB is an app that allows you to watch anything and everything you want, and it’s extremely easy to set up. Installing Smart-STB is as easy and simple as any other App on your TV, mobile, or computer and it opens your own portal to the world of IPTV.

What streaming content does the Smart STB App offer?

Smart STB does not provide any streams, you need an IPTV Portal or an m3u playlist to use the app with. The quality of content and streams depends on your Portal, the app just plays the streams from the Portals.

Does the Smart STB App offer a free trial?

1. At the beginning of the first installation, SMART STB offers a 7-day free trial. Then the customer must pay 27€ to activate it permanently.u003cbru003e3. The trial version of the application is fully functional and does not differ from the full (paid) version. You do not need a credit card to start your trial of the application. Please try the application before purchasing a license.

What is STB on Samsung Smart TV?

A set Top Box (STB) is an electronic device, similar in size and shape to a VCR, that tunes into, receives and decodes HDTV signals. HDTV signals can come from over-the-air broadcasts, digital satellite, or digital cable.


The SMART STB application is an excellent application for streaming IPTV over a SMART TV. interface. You are already familiar with the SMART STB installation setup tutorial. If you haven’t found a suitable IPTV subscription service at this point, I recommend using ForeverProIPTV.

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