IPTV Pro Review | Installation and use on Android

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In recent years, the use of the Internet to broadcast television programs has also become popular due to the breadth and speed of the Internet. There are many advantages to using the Internet for television broadcasting, including no signal reception equipment, lower costs, and high-quality access on cell phones.

This article will provide all the relevant information about IPTV Pro, including tutorials for installing different devices, its best alternatives, and an IPTV Pro review.

What is IPTV Pro?

IPTV Pro is a video player with all the features available in Android smartphones. The latest version of IPTV Pro has more features, and the app is updated frequently to the latest technology. IPTV Pro has an IPTV player that allows you to stream video on demand, live TV, and more to your mobile device. You can watch your favorite programs anytime and anywhere.

IPTV PRO APK compatible device

IPTV Pro is compatible across multiple devices and platforms, mainly with the following popular streaming media devices.

  • Android smartphone
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Android Smart TV
  • Kodi Android box
  • Fire cubic
  • Android Smartwatch
  • Android TV Box
  • Fire sticks, fire TV

Free IPTV Pro VS Paid IPTV Pro

There are two versions of IPTV Pro, the paid version and the free version. Make the following table for analysis and comparison:

ItemFree IPTV ProPaid IPTV Pro
Function Features1. Support M3U and XSPF playlists. 2. Playlist history. 3. Play multicast streams with UDP proxy (proxy 4. needs to be installed on your LAN). 5. Grid, list, or tile view of your TV channel. 6. Support EPG in XMLTV and JTV formats. 7. Internal and external video player. 8. Parental control.1. Includes all the features of the free version. 2. no advertising. 3. Launch application for device launch options, useful for the box. 4. Automatic play of the last channel option. 5. Expand playlist history.

How to install and use IPTV Pro on an Android device?

Here is a detailed installation guide on how to install and use IPTV Pro on an Android device. Read on to find out how much it will help you.

How to install IPTV Pro on an Android device?

Step 1: First you need to open your Google Play store.

Step 2: Type “IPTV Pro” into the Google Play store search box

Step 3: Click Download,

Step 4: When the wait is complete, open the application.

How to use IPTV Pro on Android devices?

Step 1: Open the main screen of the IPTV Pro app you downloaded earlier

Step 2: Then Add the playlist, click “+Add PlayList“.

add playlist

Step 3: Then two choices appear in the upper right corner, click “Add URL“.

add URL

Step 4: Finally, you only need to enter the M3U information you obtained from the IPTV service provider, and click the login.

m3u url

Note: This app does not contain any built-in channels, you should have your own playlist using this app. The login information is the M3U URL and password for the IPTV service to which you subscribe.

Step 5: This may take a while to load, please wait.

Step 6: There you go, a list of channels will pop up on your Android device, and you can choose any of them at any time.

channels list

Note: If you have not installed the video player, the video will not start now. In that case, you can try downloading MXPlayer or a similar application version. Then your TV will actually open the channel you want to watch.

Step 7: Now you can have fun with these channels!

How to add a list of channels on the device screen on IPTV Pro?

First, open Settings– General – Playlist –URL or file path-M3UOK.

m3u path

Finally, a list of the channels you want appears here.

all channels

Application of IPTV subscription on IPTV Pro

The IPTV Pro app does not provide or contain any media content, and full use of IPTV Pro requires M3U links or XSPF playlists. You need to buy an IPTV service to make your plan perfect. How do I get an IPTV subscription? The following is the subscription process for the ForeverPro premium IPTV subscription.

1- Try IPTV for free by chatting with ForeverPro customer service on WhatsApp.


2- Reply to customer service and let them know the type of device you are using, the country you are testing, and the playlist format you have chosen, such as Android, UK IPTV, and M3U Link.

3- Finally, the customer service staff will open the IPTV free trial test code for you in time. The M3u address is in your email. Note that activating the IPTV list using the IPTV player is a necessary step.

IPTV Pro best alternative

If you do not have a video player installed, the video will not start playing now. In this case, you can try downloading the IPTV Pro replacement application. Then your TV will turn on the channel you want to watch. Here’s a list of the best IPTV Pro alternatives:

  1. IPTV Smarters Pro Player – is a video streaming Player designed for users who want to stream TV or video-on-demand content across a variety of devices.
  2. OTT Navigator Player – is a free IPTV player that facilitates streaming video from M3U, XML, and XSPF.
  3. Implayer Player – is an IPTV player for Android devices with live TV applications. And use the M3U URL or Xtreme code API to catch up.
  4. Tivimate – One of the best IPTV players, this application was created by AR Mobile Dev and is designed to work with IPTV services that offer M3U or Xtream code servers.
  5. Perfect Player – is a set-top box IPTV/ media player for watching videos on TVS, tablets, and smartphones, supporting multiple URL formats (M3U, XC, XSPF) and EPG formats (XMLTV, JTV).

IPTV Pro user feedback reviews

  1. A beautiful picture and speed of movement between channels, but the problem is that all folders together, there is no division of live channels, movies, and series
  2. I have been using it for free for years. Bought the pro version to help the developer. Thanks for the good service you deserve it.
  3. Great app. Wanna make it 5 stars, but when you search, it works fine, then when you go back to search a second time, the search goes all funny and becomes doubled up and makes it hard to search again.
  4. Best and cleanest IPTV app out there, no clutter and provides a list view of channels unlike many others. I would love if someone could explain how I get Catchup to work though, reached out to developer but had no reply!


Can the IPTV Pro app be used for free?

Yes, you can use IPTV Pro for free.

Is IPTV Pro APK secure?

IPTV Pro apk is completely safe and legal. IPTV Pro MOD APK is occupied by a your android device won’t be any unwanted permissions. In addition, no chance to reveal your personal data. Download and enjoy your day.

How to use this application?

To use the IPTV Pro mod apk, open the Play Store and type this application to install it on your device; then, simply input the M3U or XSPF code. After the installation is complete, you can add the TV list directly to your device by clicking on the playlist item and typing M3U. A series of channels will be put on your phone shortly after, and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking stations to watch.
Then you choose a channel, add it to your playlist, and begin watching TV live. Isn’t it simple and straightforward to use? Furthermore, as long as you have an Internet connection, you may utilize it to watch wherever you are. As a result, owing to the superb TV quality and high visuals, this application is a perfect choice for individuals who enjoy watching live TV and international programs

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