IPTV Tuner for Android, Firestick, Smart TV: How to Install and Use

IPTV Tuner is one of the few IPTV service providers that fetch the local channels loading over the internet. It is unlike any other service provider as it fetches the Free To Air (FTA) TV channels over the internet. It will get those channels that are freely available to the public. The channels will be streamed on their own websites or with the respective TV everywhere apps. It is compatible with multiple devices like Android smartphones and streaming devices.

How to Sign Up for IPTV Tuner

All IPTV Tuner required is access to the internet and your location. It will fetch all the free channels from the local network available to the public. There is no sign-up process or subscription for the IPTV.

Is a VPN Mandatory to Stream IPTV

VPN is required while streaming IPTV. If you want FTA channels from other regions, you need to use VPNs. A VPN will help you to bypass the geo-restrictions and bring any content from anywhere. It will also hide your IP address so that you will stay anonymous over the internet. Use any reliable VPN like Surfshark VPN or CyberGhost VPN.

How to Install IPTV Tuner on Android Devices

1. On your Android smartphone or tablet, open Settings to select Security.

2. Click on Install Unknown Apps and turn On.

IPTV Tuner

3. Open a web browser on your smartphone and search for the IPTV Tuner apk.

4. Select any trusted website to download the IPTV Tuner apk from the search results.

5. The IPTV app is not free. You have to buy it for $10.99.

6. Install the IPTV app.

7. Launch the IPTV app and watch the local channels for free.

How to Stream IPTV Tuner on Firestick

1. Boot up your Firestick and connect the device to the internet.

2. From the Firestick home screen, click Find and choose Search.

3. On the search screen, type ES File Explorer.

Install IPTV Tuner on Firestick

4. Download the ES File Explorer app on your Firestick.

ES File Explorer on Firestick

5. Again, come to the home screen and choose Settings.

6. Under the Settings menu, click My Fire TV and choose Developer options.

Install Unknown Apps on Firestick

7. Click Install Unknown Apps.

Install Unknown Apps on Firestick

8. Finally, turn on the ES File Explorer app.

Install Unknown Apps on Firestick

11. Launch the ES File Explorer app and click Downloader.

Install Unknown Apps on Firestick

11. Then, choose the + New option.

Install Unknown Apps on Firestick

12. Enter the IPTV Tuner APK URL and the name of the app.

Install Unknown Apps on Firestick

13. Click Download Now.

14. Once the app is downloaded, choose Install.

15. Now, launch the app on Firestick, and you can start loading all the local channels.

How to Download IPTV Tuner on Smart TV

Pre-Requisite: Go to Android TV Settings >> Security & Restrictions >> Unknown Sources >> Turn On.

1. Turn on your Android TV and connect it to the internet.

2. Scroll to the My Apps section.

3. Choose the Google Play Store and launch the app.

Install IPTV Tuner on Smart TV

4. Click the Search icon on the Play Store screen.

Install IPTV Tuner on Smart TV

5. On the search screen, type IPTV Tuner.

6. Select the app from the search results.

7. Click the Install button on the next screen.

8. With the device gets connected to the internet, it will fetch all the local FTA channels.

How to Get IPTV Tuner on PC

1. Launch any web browser on your PC.

2. Search for the BlueStacks and choose the app.

3. Download the app on your PC from the official website (https://www.bluestacks.com/).

4. Download the IPTV Tuner apk on your PC.

5. Launch the BlueStacks app and click on the My Apps tab.

Install IPTV Tuner on PC

6. Choose the folder and copy the APK file here. Optionally, you shall drag and drop the apk to the BlueStacks.

7. Install the IPTV app on your PC.

8. Now, click the My Apps section and launch the IPTV Tuner app.

9. Wait for the app to fetch the channels and start streaming.

Customer Support

There is no dedicated customer support for the IPTV Tuner app. The IPTV app isn’t available on any app stores and you cannot post reviews to get the issue resolved. So, if customer support isn’t an issue, you can opt for this IPTV.


IPTV Tuner will fetch all the available free local channels. It is one of the few IPTV service providers that offer regional content. If you want to enjoy national and international channels, this will not be your option. Also, check out other IPTV service providers like AirTV IPTV and Dynasty IPTV.

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