Tivimate Review | Subscription, Installation Guide, Alternative [Update in 2022]

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In recent years, IPTV players are becoming more and more popular, and Tivimate is one of them, which is an excellent IPTV player with powerful functions and a simple interface. This article is going to introduce Tivimate, how to install it, and how to subscribe to premium IPTV.

What is Tivimate?

TiviMate is an app that lets you watch IPTV on your phone and tablet. You can also use the Fire TV Stick’s TiviMate app by downloading the app on FireStick and then activating it through the IPTV service.

Tivimate Version types

It comes in two versions: subscription and free. While the free plan offers a variety of IPTV features, the subscription version will provide full access. The following are the features provided by the application:

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Make lots of playlists easily.
  • Upgrade to Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Customizable streaming experience.
  • Catch the up tool function, you can keep track of sports news and favorite programs.

All in all, TiviMate has multiple functions. However, some of these features are unique to the premium edition.

What extra features does the Tivimate subscription have?

If you are comfortable with limited access, then the free version may be for you. However, if you want to be able to take advantage of the full features of IPTV, then be sure to check out the premium version and its companion application.

  1. Sync – Premium membership gives you access to a global network, giving you greater flexibility and convenience on the road.
  2. Enjoy the Mini-TV – TiviMate can act as a mini-TV and let you have fun with all your personal favorites at any time.
  3. Personalization – TiviMate subscriptions allow customers to customize the entertainment experience to their preferences. The application allows you to make multiple playlists and sort content into different groups based on your tastes.
  4. Disable Categories – The possibility to turn off categories is one of the main advantages of upgrading your TiviMate membership to a premium.

How to install and use the Tivimate IPTV player?

As we know, Tivimate, like most players, is just a player and doesn’t contain any IPTV content, so you need an IPTV subscriber to provide you with links to play channels in order to watch videos and shows.

Here’s a detailed tutorial guide for new users in three big steps.

How to get a Tivimate premium IPTV subscription?

1- Free IPTV trial by chatting with ForeverPro customer service on WhatsApp.

2- Reply to customer service and let them know the type of device you are using, the country you are testing, and the playlist format you have chosen, such as Firestick, UK IPTV, and M3U Link.

3- Finally, the customer service will open the IPTV free trial test code for you in time. M3u URL sent to your email inbox. Note that activating the IPTV list using the IPTV player is a necessary step.

How to download and install Tivimate?

Below I’ll share how to install TiviMate IPTV Player on your Firestick device in a few simple steps.

1- From the main menu, scroll and hover over Settings.

2- Click on my Fire TV.

3- Select the Developer option.

4- Click on the application from an unknown source and open it.


5- Return to the home screen and hover over the search icon.

6- Enter the downloader.

7- Select the downloader application and install it.


8- Open the downloader and confirm the allowed access information.

9- Enter the following URL and click Go: https: // www.foreverproiptv.com/tivimate/


10- Wait for the file to finish downloading, then click Install.

11- Once installed, you can open the application to set up your IPTV subscription information.

How to activate the IPTV channel?

Important: We found that the Settings in TiviMate will not work properly if your VPN is enabled. Be sure to turn off your VPN before integrating your IPTV service into this application.

After setting up, please feel free to connect to your VPN to ensure secure streaming.

1- Open the TiviMate IPTV player and click Add Playlist to configure the TiviMate IPTV player.

2- Select Xtream- Codes for login.


3- Enter your IPTV subscription identifier: server URL, username, and password.


4- Click Next and wait for your subscription to load.

5- After the channel list is imported, you can start playing movies and TV series.

Note that many of the features in TiviMate are unavailable to users who choose to use the free service.

Tivimate best Alternative

If Tivimate doesn’t work on your device, we have some alternatives you can try that are also the best IPTV players:

IPTV Smarters Pro Player — IPTV Smarters Pro Player — is a video streaming Player designed for users who want to stream TV or video-on-demand content across a variety of devices.

OTT Navigator Player — Is a free IPTV player that facilitates streaming video from M3U, XML, and XSPF.

Implayer – Is an IPTV player for Android devices with live TV applications. And use the M3U URL or Xtreme code API to catch up.

XCIPTV Player -XCIPTV is one of the best IPTV players, now renamed OTR Player, and many people pair XCIPTV with their favorite IPTV services for a better streaming experience.

Perfect Player – Is a set-top box IPTV/ media player for watching video on TVS, tablets, and smartphones, supporting multiple URL formats (M3U, XC, XSPF) and EPG formats (XMLTV, JTV).

Tivimate Review by user

  1. This app is awesome. I’ve been testing it for weeks. It is the most elegant, feature-rich, and stable IPTV player available (V2.1.5 on Nvidia Shield). TiviMate + Stable supplier = GOLD
  2. Probably the best IPTV player available. Allows for multiple EPG sources and is very configurable. The only thing it currently lacks is the ability to route its traffic through a VPN service. I hope they add it to the next update.
  3. The best IPTV application, period. Love the simple, clean and efficient user interface. You can have multiple subs easily and well organized. It allows recording, which is rare.
  4. It’s perfect. Perfect visual effects, excellent user experience, and functionality thanks to the author.

Is TiviMate completely secure?

TiviMate is secure Android software that uses innovative security algorithms to protect your information. The application uses an advanced digital payment system to provide complete security when updating your subscription.

Although no dangerous software or threats have been detected in the application, it is always good to be cautious and follow security guidelines when accessing the information on the Internet. In addition, you can use a VPN to remain anonymous and protected while watching your favorite shows online.


What is the TiviMate premium?

Install the TiviMate Companion app from the Google Play Store. TiviMate offers a 5-day trial for the premium version. The Premium costs $4.99 a year for up to five devices. You can also choose the lifetime version for $19.99.

How is OTT Navigato similar to TiviMate?

OTT Navigator is TiviMate’s biggest IPTV competitor on Android TV. Like TiviMate, it is popular with power users. There is little difference between them; The two applications have many similar features.

Is IPTV subscription legal?

IPTV is legal as long as the IPTV service provider holds the correct license for all the content it provides.

What is TiviMate companion for?

This app is intended to unlock Premium functionality of TiviMate IPTV player on devices without Google Play. It allows managing your activated devices also. It is not IPTV player app!


For both versions of TiviMate. If you are comfortable with limited access, then the free version may be for you. However, if you want to be able to take advantage of the full functionality of IPTV, then be sure to check out the premium version and its companion app.

Also, TiviMate is one of the best apps for watching IPTV on your smartphone or tablet. This app works on all devices and will not interfere with your viewing experience or threaten your security. The prerequisite is to have a premium IPTV subscription to activate your Tivimate.

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