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Wesopro IPTV is a popular downloaded IPTV service that works similar to other IPTVs. You can stream movies, series, live TV, and more. It supports streaming TV Catch ups, external players, dynamic language switching, parental controls, picture-in-picture, etc. With the EPG, you will never miss out on the upcoming programs and shows. It offers several features and is available only for Android and Android-based devices. So let’s see how to install and access Wesopro IPTV on different devices in brief.

Highlights of Wesopro IPTV

  • Stream Live TV, Movies, Series, sports, news, TV Catchup, and more.
  • Supports M3U playlist and Xtream codes API.
  • Available on all commonly used devices.
  • External player integration like MX player or VLC media player.
  • Multiple profiles can be added to a single login.
  • 24/7 customer service via mail.

Importance of VPN while accessing IPTV

VPN helps to hide your identity like IP address while surfing. It is important to use a VPN before using any kind of IPTV service to avoid being tracked and monitored. In addition, it removes the geo-restrictions and helps you stream almost anything. You can get VPN services like NordVPN and Express VPN as they provide fast, secure, and complete anonymity while using any kind of IPTV service.

How to Install and Use Wesopro IPTV on Android Devices

[1] Open Google Play Store on your Android device.

[2] Search and install Wesopro IPTV Player from the Play Store.

[3] Click on Open to launch Wesopro IPTV Pro.

[4] Log in with either the M3U playlist or using Xstream codes API (username and password).


Using M3U URL:

[5] Enter the playlist name and choose the playlist type, either File or M3U URL.

[6] If you select File, then browse and locate the playlist file on your smartphone.

[7] If using M3U URL, you need to enter the M3U URL link.

Wesopro IPTV - M3U

[8] Click on Add User to add your playlist.

[9] Tap on the playlist to start watching on Wesopro IPTV.

Wesopro IPTV

Xstream codes API

[5] Provide any name for your profile.

[6] Then, enter the username and password of Wesopro IPTV provided while signing up.

Wesopro IPTV - login

[7] Click on Add User to start watching on Wesopro IPTV.

Wesopro IPTV

How to Install Wesopro IPTV on Android TV

[1] Open the Play Store app on your Android TV.

play store

[2] Search and install the Downloader app from the Play Store.


[3] Launch the app and allow permission to access photos, media, and other files on your device.

allow - Wesopro IPTV

[4] Also, click on Ok to the quick guide.


[5] Enter the Wesopro IPTV apk download URL: https://bit.ly/2Vd2gH6 in the URL field.


[6] Click on Go to start downloading the Wesopro apk.

[7] Click on Install once the apk file is downloaded.

[8] Login using M3U or Xstream codes API and enjoy streaming on Wesopro IPTV.

wesopro IPTV


If the install button is greyed out, then you probably need to enable the unknown source to install the apk. To do that,

[7] Click on Settings from the pop-up.


[8] Turn on the Downloader toggle to allow unknown sources to install.

Wesopro IPTV - on

[9] Now, install the downloaded apk on your Android TV and launch the app.

[10] Log in to start streaming on Wesopro IPTV.

Wesopro IPTV

How to Install Wesopro IPTV on Firestick

[1] Connect your Firestick device to the TV.

[2] Get back to the home screen and click on the Search tile under Find.

[3] Enter ES File explorer using your Fire TV remote.

ES file explorer

[4] Click on the Download icon to install ES File Explorer.

Wesopro IPTV - Download

[5] Select Open to launch ES File Explorer.

open - Wesopro IPTV

[6] Get back to Fire TV Settings from the Home screen.

[7] Navigate to click on the My Fire TV settings.

Wesopro IPTV

[8] Choose Developer options and select Install Apps from Unknown Sources.

Wesopro IPTV

[9] Turn on Apps from unknown sources for ES File Explorer.

Wesopro IPTV

Download Wesopro Apk using ES File Explorer

[10] Launch ES File Explorer and from the left panel, expand the Tools option.

[11] Choose the Download manager and select the Downloader tile.

Download manager

[12] Click on New from the bottom panel.

new - Wesopro IPTV

[13] Enter the following URL: https://bit.ly/2Vd2gH6 in the path field.

[14] Click on Download Now and wait until the apk gets downloaded.

download now

[15] After installation, click on Open File and select Install.

open file

[16] Again, click on Install and wait for some time till the app gets installed.

install - Wesopro IPTV

[17] Select Open to launch the Wesopro app.

[18] Log in with either M3U or Xstream codes API and start watching all the content on Wesopro TV.

Wesopro IPTV

How to Access Wesopro IPTV on Windows and Mac PC

[1] Download and install the Bluestacks emulator from its official website.

[2] Also, download the Wesopro Apk using the URL: https://bit.ly/2Vd2gH6.

[3] Now, launch the Bluestacks app player on your Windows 10 or Mac PC.

[4] Log into your account using your Google account credentials. Click on the Kebab icon near installed apps.

[5] Select Install apk from the menu.

install apk

[6] Navigate to the location of the Wespro apk on your PC.

[7] Wait until it gets installed, and then launch the app.

[8] Login with M3U URL or Xstream code API.


[9] Now, you can start streaming the Wesopro IPTV Pro on Windows 10 or Mac.

Wesopro IPTV

Customer Support

We could not find any details related to the live chat support. However, the users can contact customer support at support@wesopro.com to get resolved any queries. You may expect a response from the developer end in 2-3 working days.


With this information, you can access Wesopro IPTV Pro on all your device. If you are an iOS user, then Wesopro is definitely not your cup of tea. Many other IPTV services in the market offer the same features. You can try other IPTV providers like Diablo IPTV and DramaLive IPTV.

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